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Friday, March 30th 2012, 3:05pm

MIUI - Changelog 2.3.30

Changelog of MIUI 2.3.30 (V4)

[Recommended this week]
1. Added new stopwatch
2. Add Merge Contacts
3. Add FLAC format support
4. Public release of MIUI V4 for Sony Ericsson lt18i Xperia arc S

Optimize password-protected applications do not appear in the recent Task list
Optimization of the recent task pane click-able area to resolve a mistaken click problem
Repair to clear the "Settings" no lock screen data leads to abnormal operation
Repair in some cases cannot ROOT
Repair screen vertex does not display rounded corners, the status bar interface displays the wrong information
Repair removing settings data leads to lock screen display issues, also launcher becomes unresponsive
Repair MoboPlayer playback FC issues

Optimize the efficiency of the T9 dial-up search
Optimize the display of dial-up record efficiency
Fix dial-up and click interface for contacts avatar causes rapid panel flashing problem
Fix dialling a number with 0 contacts with the prefix lead to unrecognised problems

Add call record to deletion of single log entry
Add Merge Contacts
Optimize the contact import efficiency
Optimize the search results style
Optimize the group avatar style
Repair Exchange server contacts

[Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]
Added support for clicking on the notification bar switch away (See Settings -> All settings -> notification bar style, open the notification bar "switch" click away)
Optimize the status bar rendering efficiency
Optimize text input, left side of the status bar to display the input method icon
Fix the power icon to display the exception of the problem
Fix telecom version of the mi-one signal shows the wrong information
Fix in some cases, be mistaken for hidden notification bar icon problem
Fix in some cases, cannot enter the PUK code
Fix lock screen display of owner information is not displayed
Fix default lock screen, music title and message preview show overlapping
Repair the notification bar "simple" mode switch to respond to clicks.
Repair setting the status bar style may lead to FC
Repair Desktop button to light up the screen, may mistakenly open the flash light
Fix problem with default lock screen time is not updated

New shutter mute (when the system is muted you can also in the camera interface can press the volume keys to adjust the shutter volume)
Add panoramic mode support the use of the mi-button button to take pictures (MI-ONE only)
Repair third-party applications calling system camera, the results page shows the problem of camera operations
Fix password lock screen to activate the camera leads to FC
Fix flashing focus screen interface problem

Add support to display pictures and albums from ROM
New! If no SD card installed, the Gallery can still be used
Optimization of image editing or cropping, automatically saved in the same directory as the source file, the file name is automatically added to the new edited file
Repair SD card clear the cache, the cache remains unusable
Repair multiple choice mode selects zero files
Fix memory leak problems result in thumbnail not displaying and FC issues
Fix when the gravity sensor is turned off, the details of the photo will still rotate
Repair high DPI phone, pictures, and Album thumbnails are too small
Optimize multiple choice selection mode fonts and icons style

[File Explorer]
Fix applying system update via SD card, the install of the update package leads to FC
Fix problem switching to the SD card tab leads to FC
Fix in some cases double-click the back button leads to FC
Fix in some cases item classification cannot be selected
Fix problem when SD card is not installed, the category page information displays the wrong information

Optimize dragging the icon to the edge of the screen to remain continuously across the screen
Optimize using the new rendering to improve efficiency and speed
Fix problem dragging folder icons

Fix in some cases applying a theme will lead to phone not responding, requiring a reboot
Fix some problems with lockscreen themes

Add FLAC format support (03-27)
Fix in some cases downloading online music leads to FC
Fix problem with online music, adding currently playing song to 'current' playlist fails

Optimization "flight mode" GPS satellite automatically rotate the screen operation to modify the commonly used settings for the switch operation
Optimization of the complex operation commonly used settings pop modify to enter the lower-level page operations, such as "volume" "brightness”
Repair to enter the "notification bar style" and "access point name (APN) screen starts to flash the screen on and off
Repair in the settings screen password-protected process to cancel the return to the previous level, cause the screen password "feature is turned off
Repair opening the password protection screen, selecting the pattern password is visible does not display
Optimize settings stored in single USB storage
Fix problem where privacy mode cannot set password-protection

Add new night mode function for viewing web pages at night
Optimization of default navigation page loading speed
Optimization of the menu functions
Fix closing tab automatically switches to the first tab in the list
Fix problems with user interface visual details
Fix problem opening quick control menu in full screen mode does not hide the bottom of the toolbar

[Download Manager]
Add notification to remind of low SD card space, and display the corresponding information in the download list

[FM Radio]
Fix problem listening to the Radio when call is received, radio music is now resumed after the call is ended

[Access Controls]
Optimize application password protection in the recent tasks list does not show a preview when the application is marked protected

[Alarm Clock]
Added new timer stopwatch
Optimize the alarm clock switch style
Repair white on white labels in the interface
Fix screen is not correctly showing background of the clock interface
Fix setting silent mode for alarm brings back invalid response
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