Changelog - Global - MIUI v8 - 6.7.5/6.7.21 (Bugreport)

  • In diesen Bereich werden die Fehlermeldungen zu der oben genannten Version für alle Geräte gesammelt.

    Bitte überprüft, ob man Anhand eures Beitrags den Fehler komplett nachvollziehen kann!

    Folgende Infos brauchen wir immer:

    • welches Gerät verwendet ihr ???
    • welche MIUI ROM oder andere Android ROM war vorher installiert ???
    • habt ihr vor oder nach der Installation einen Full Wipe (inkl. Cache Wipe) in eurem Recovery gemacht ???

    Aktualisierte Geräte : Mi 3 | Mi 4 | Mi 4i | Mi Note | Mi Pad 2 | Redmi Note 4G LTE (Dual SIM) | Redmi Note 3G/4G | Redmi 2| Redmi Note 2 | Redmi Note 3 Pro
    NEU - Mi 2/2S | Mi 5 | Mi Max 32GB | Redmi Note 3 Special Edition Global

    * MIUI 8 Global beta ROM for the Mi 5 will be released the near future.

    MIUI ROM 6.7.5/6.7.21 - Global Changelog

    Alle folgenden Global Updates, werden auf Basis von MIUI8 erscheinen.

    Optimization - Loading speed increased twice for the first reboot after OTA (support for 6.0 devices) (06-21)

    New - Sound for delivered messages in the Settings (07-16)

    Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
    New - Animation for successful Wi-Fi connection (07-07)
    Optimization - Floating notification format for incoming calls (06-22)
    Optimization - Separeter sound and vibration permissions for notifications (07-07)
    Optimization - Hid the switch icon when there are no current tasks (06-27)
    Optimization - Fixed sound effect for deleting apps (07-07)
    Optimization - Clickable arrow for Wi-Fi (07-12)
    Optimization - A prompt about entering password and activating fingerprint after rebooting the device (07-13)
    Optimization - Time, date, and weather adjustments in the status bar (07-19)
    Fix - Repetitions in Settings (06-22)
    Fix - Errors on Wi-Fi details page (06-22)
    Fix - An error whe tapping the white area of the Notification shade (07-07)
    Fix - Couldn't enter Mi Home from lock screen with Second space on (07-07)Home screen
    Fix - Wrong app was opened after long-pressing the app in Task manager (07-07)
    Fix - The button for switching modes didn't work in Task Manager in some cases (07-07)
    Fix - Customized carrier name isn't shown in Second space (07-12)
    Fix - Issues with status bar after successful backups (07-18)

    Home screen
    Optimization - Landscape mode for Task manager (07-08)
    Optimization - Task Manager stability (07-13)
    Fix - Issues with wallpaper when switching to Second space (07-13)

    New - Delete directly from the screenshot preview page (07-12)
    New - Automatic adjustments for photos when sharing (07-21)
    Optimization - Adjusted size for the button which creates new albums (07-12)
    Optimization - "Show original" option appears only on cloud or optimized items (07-12)
    Optimization - Double tap to zoom in, swipe up without entering sharing mode (07-12)
    Optimization - When auto-rotate is off in Gallery, it won't influence the rest of the system (07-13)
    Fix - Scrolling screenshot issues in Notes and Mail (07-12)
    Fix - Couldn't go back to the original photo after making a screenshot or finishing editing/sharing it (07-12)
    Fix - Couldn't pick up calls while making Scrolling screenshots (07-13)
    Fix - Enter system app while editing a scrolling screenshot in the OOB flow (07-13)
    Fix - Photos saved in Second space couldn't be viewed in Gallery (07-13)
    Delete - Removed Edit option for GIF images (07-12)

    New - Deleting Second space while in First space (06-28)
    New - Saved and available Wi-Fi networks appear first in the list (07-05)
    New - Support for Second space fingerprint (07-20)

    File Explorer
    Fix - Couldn't see files saved from dual apps (06-28)

    Quick Ball
    New - Tap gesture for Quick ball (06-30)


    Codename Gerät Android Basis
    aries Mi2 5.0
    cancro Mi3 / Mi4 - WCDMA 6.0
    ferrari Mi4i 5.0
    gemini Mi5 6.0
    virgo Mi Note 6.0
    latte Mi Pad 2 4.4
    hydrogen Mi Max 32GB 6.0
    armani Redmi 1S - WCDMA 4.4
    HM2014811 Redmi 2 - WCDMA 4.4
    lcsh92_wet_jb9 Redmi Note 1 / 3G-MTK 4.4
    gucci Redmi Note 1S 4.4
    dior Redmi Note 1 / 4G 4.4
    hermes Redmi Note 2 4.4
    kenzo Redmi Note 3 Pro 5.1

    Information :

    Die Backup App unter MIUI8 findet man unter "Einstellungen" >>> "Zusätzliche Einstellungen" >>> "Sichern & Zurücksetzen" >>> "Lokale Sicherungen"

    Anmerkung : Die MIUI Global ROM Versionen werden nicht wie die chinesische Version jede Woche aktualisiert. Die Global MIUI ROM Versionen werden ca. alle zwei Wochen aktualisiert.


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    original Changelog & Download Links:

    Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß mit dem neuen Update !!

  • Hallo,

    habe folgenden Bug:
    unter "Einstellungen" beim Reiter "Konten" auf "Andere Konten" stürzen die Einstellungen bei allen Konten außer bei "Mi Konto" ab.


    Gerät: Xiaomi Mi4

    aktuelle ROM: Global 6.7.29
    vorherige MIUI ROM: 6.7.5 (da bestand der Fehler auch schon)
    ROM davor: 6.5.27
    vor oder nach der Installation keinen Full Wipe (inkl. Cache Wipe) gemacht

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