XIAOMI 15.6 Air Pro (2017) Keyboard is not working

  • I bought a XIAOMI TM 1701 in December 2016 at the XIAOMI main store in Shanghai. Since December 2016 my notebook had worked flawlessly until two days ago. I turned it off at night and at the following morning I turned it on, but the keyboard was totally unresponsive, except for the Power key. I am sure that during the night the notebook made the update of Windows 10 to its latest version.

    I managed to plug an USB keyboard and that allowed my to gain access to the notebook. I have run all the possible checks, but according to Windows everything looks in order.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the SP-2 Keyboard, updated its drivers and run the Windows Troubleshooting app, but after all that it keeps showing no problems with the keyboard or any other hardware piece. However, the notebook keyboard still does not works.

    Any suggestions about how to solve this problem? Vielen Dank!

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