[FroYo Nexus One] RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ MIUIMOD [v2.9.2 FinalFroYo] BLAZING FAST & ROCK STABLE [14/03/11]

  • [Blocked Image: http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/2462/99999999999999999kopie.png]
    [Blocked Image: http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/2462/99999999999999999kopie.png]

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.9.2 FinalFroYo A2SD N1 in Deutsch:

    für das Optionale D2W Upgraede Hier der Original Thread oder einfach die version von dRaCiD01 verwenden

    Just 4 easy Steps after Flashing the MIUIMOD Rom to get the Full RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Experience: ;)

    1. Reboote zwei mal um die volle Übersetzung zu haben
    2. schalte die Prozent anzeige an in Einstellung/system/batterie/indicator style
    3. richte TrackBall Alert , Autokiller und das Ad Free app aus
    ( Bitte veränder nicht in den inbuild TB Colors Patche nichts )
    4. Bist du Glücklich mit MIUIMOD ? Klick den Heineken Button auf meiner Signatur und erhalte dieses Rom am Leben

    if u want to push the "Cache" to SD use this Commands :
    - adb root
    - adb shell ("su" in Terminal Emulator)
    - a2sd check
    - a2sd cachesd

    Neue Optionale Downloads:

    Neues FM Radio addon (Online) Download

    N1 Kernels:

    Pershoot´s Kernel OC (up to 1113MHz) /uv/xtra/btn/aud/ram/neon/fm (Optional Works 100% with MIUIMOD)
    Get Daily Updates here

    Wildmonk´s Kernel OC (up to 1152MHz) /uv/xtra/btn/aud/ram/fm +29FPS@720p Hack (Optional Works 100% with MIUIMOD)
    Last and New Full Tested version (Update from 01.06.11) with very good Performance/Batterylife and Cam Improvements here

  • RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.9.2 Final-FroYo Changelog (MIUI 1.3.11):

    - all RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Features added to the New Miui 1.3.11 (one of the Final FroYo Releases)
    - Translated by Andy25
    - All FCs from the LNG Pack Fixed by me
    - Theme Reworked and a New Big icon Pack added
    - New Twitter widget Black Themed
    - all apps updated
    - and much more...
    - V2.9.1 to V2.9.2 = Market & Twitter Problems Fixed

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.9 Final-FroYo Changelog (MIUI 1.3.5):

    - all RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Features added to the New Miui 1.3.5 (one of the Final FroYo Releases)
    - Translated by Andy25
    - No Update possieble you need a FullWipe to use MIUI 1.3.5
    - Inbuild New FM Radio with AutoScan
    - Miui Stock Apps Full Black Themed
    - MIUI Launcher Black Themed
    - New Stock Icons
    - New Statusbar + Icons
    - setCPU now Preinstalled
    - Maps & TBA Updated
    - Pin-Code Bug Fixed
    - and a lot of New Cool Mods I don´t remember... find it out...

    the last pershoot kernel is strongly recommended... (just Flash it after Flashing the Rom) WM´s Kernel are to old now...

    here the link to the last pershoot kernel (and your setCPU FCs are gone)


    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.8.3 Changelog (MIUI 1.2.25):

    - MMS/SMS popup Fixed
    - German & English LNG Pack Updated to Andy´s v3 Pack

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.8.2 Changelog (MIUI 1.2.25):

    - German & English LNG Pack Updated to Andy´s v2 Pack
    - Updater Removed (inc. option in Settings by Andy25 )
    - Default Icons Reworked
    - Original Miui Icon Theme added
    - little Cleanup

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.8 Changelog (MIUI 1.2.25):

    - all RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Features added to MIUI 1.2.25
    - MIUI 1.2.25 Deodexed & English/German Translated by Andy25
    - English/German Translation Fixes by Me
    - Miui Gallery & Music app Fixed/Reworked
    - Twitter updated to 2.0.1 (Now Removable & unthemed)
    - The New RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Black Market added
    - Fixed Gmail app added
    - more internal Fixes and Cleanups
    - Full working Terminal app readded

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.7.2 Changelog (MIUI 1.2.19):

    - NEW MIUI 1.2.25 KERNEL
    - New 2.3 G-Mail app
    - 3D Gallery added
    - Terminal Removed
    - Icons Changed
    - Stablest version until MIUI 1.2.25 is Translated

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.7.1 Changelog (MIUI 1.2.19):

    - A2SD Rom Now, D2W is Optional... Datawipe is Recommended (sorry but D2W is to unstable for the moment)
    - SMS Popup FC´s Fixed
    - Old Black Glass Phone Style ReCompiled by Me
    - Minimal Matte Popup Windows
    - Color Changes in Framework
    - Youtube widget better Themed
    - Black Smiley added to G-TALK/MMS/SMS/BROWSER
    - New Default Wallpaper
    - Quadrant bug Fixed
    - build.prop ReCompiled
    - Internal Fixes

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.7 Changelog (MIUI 1.2.19):

    - all RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Features added to MIUI 1.2.19
    - D2W version Updated and resorted
    - Wifi scan interval from 15 to 60 minutes (better Batterylife)
    - Bad Voice quality in Voice Call´s Fixed
    - Lightsensor an Auto Mode Fixed
    - New Default Lockscreen Wallpaper (Leather)
    - just One Keyboard Now... (Gingerbread Blue Pendo Mod)
    - Very Stable Release (Tested with ext3/ext4 & class 2/4 SD)
    - Phone Needs 10-15min. of Playing & a second Reboot to be 100% Stable

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.6.1 Changelog (MIUI 1.2.11):

    - i recommend again a Full Data,Cache & Ext Wipe (Sorry!!! next Releases is an Updates)
    - Rom Needs after the second boot 10-15 Min. to be 100% Stable (Please wait this time befor you start report Bugs)
    - Heapsize Changed (Fix all FC´s & Lags)
    - Great Speedup with the New Heapsize
    - GPS Fixed & HSDPA Settings Reworked
    - Calendar Widget Reworked
    - Superuser Updated
    - SetCPU Removed
    - G-Mail & Keyboard FC´s Fixed
    - and much more internal Fixes
    - Looks very Stable & Fast Now !!!

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.6 FIX Features (MIUI 1.2.11):

    - Based on a MIUI 1.2.11 D2W Release !!! Thanks to melethron & dRaCID01 for Helping
    - 99% English & German Translated by Andy25
    - New Miui Cam with Touch Focus/Zoom for Pictures & Auto Focus for the Camcorder (720p Works Perfect)
    - Aiccucs Reboot Menu added (Normal,Hot & Recovery Reboot inc.)
    - inbuild Trackball Alert app (already Patched)
    - inbuild Flashplayer
    - inbuild DSP Manager (Equaliser)
    - inbuild Display Color Calibrating Tool v5.1 by storm99999
    - Google Maps Two Finger Rotation Fix by Rori
    - Online Audio Streaming Fix added
    - Colorful Super Circle Battery in HQ by Me
    - Camera Compression Removed, Picture & Color Quality to 100%
    - Bigger Buffersize for Pictures (faster Savings)
    - New Live Wallpapers added : CM6.1 / Sense / Circuit / VR-Tunnel
    - H icon Replaced with the 3g icon (just Optical)
    - Huge APN & Hosts List added from HTC
    - Optimized Keypress Gain & iPhone Locksounds added
    - My Own Transitions & Animations Mix added
    - Full Logger/Logcat Support by Pendo & Me
    - RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Lockscreen Mod with Animated Buttons by Default
    - New Ring,Notification,Alarm & System Sound Collection Mixed by Me
    - Original RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD Bootanimation
    - Big System Partition Cleanup (to Boost the Speed)
    - build.prop reworked for the best Reception on the N1
    - build.prop reworked for better Wifi & faster 3g Switch
    - build.prop reworked for better BT compatibility
    - MIUI Default/Online Theme Support
    - MIUI Themed Gingerbread Keyboard added by Pendo
    - New Iphone Keyboard
    - New Style Themed FM Radio
    - Themed SMS Reply Box
    - CM5.1 Torch with widget
    - Original Sense Quickoffice added
    - RoDrIgUeZsTyLe essential Apps & Widget Pack like: FB,Twitter,YouTube,FW,Wifistatus...
    - All Apps & Widgets Updated and Minimal Matte Themed
    - and much much more i don't remember.... (more to Come..)

  • es ist nur v2.5.3 Online...???

    [DEVICE] Samsung Galaxy Nexus GSM
    [ROM] MIUI 2.3.23
    [RECOVERY] CWM Touch
    [RADIO] I9250UGLA4
    110 % Happy!! Und endlich wieder MIUI

    NOKIA 5210 -> NOKIA 3310 -> SIEMENS C35 ->SIEMENS SL 45-> SIEMENS SL 65 -> SE K800i -> LG Viewty -> NEXUS ONE -> Galaxy Nexus :thumbsup:

    Edited 2 times, last by RoDrIgUeZsTyLe ().

  • kanst sie schon mal in ext4 partitionieren... für d2w ;)

    aber muss jetzt abbrechen... meine lady will essen gehen es bleibt nicht mehr viel zu machen ist schon fast alles am laufen nur noch feinheiten die ich sofort mache wenn ich wieder komme..

    Eben hab ich hier im Forum gelesen, dass ext4 nicht von d2w unterstützt wird, korrekt? Ansonsten ext3? Der SD-Card-Reader und GPARTED warten schon. :D

  • Moin, habe jetzt schon ziemlich oft gelesen, dass Data2Whaterver das Nonplusultra ist. Auf der anderen Seite soll dadurch aber die SD Card auch flöten gehen können. Was sind dann genau die Vorteile?? Ist durch das Auslagern sämtlicher Datein mein Handy schneller?? Was bringt es mir?? Dankö :) und was bringen die 100 MB Swap??

    [DEVICE] Samsung Galaxy Nexus GSM
    [ROM] MIUI 2.3.23
    [RECOVERY] CWM Touch
    [RADIO] I9250UGLA4
    110 % Happy!! Und endlich wieder MIUI

    NOKIA 5210 -> NOKIA 3310 -> SIEMENS C35 ->SIEMENS SL 45-> SIEMENS SL 65 -> SE K800i -> LG Viewty -> NEXUS ONE -> Galaxy Nexus :thumbsup:

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