Fehlermeldungen MIUI v6 - 5.7.23 (Bugreport)

  • In diesen Bereich werden die Fehlermeldungen zu der oben genannten Version für alle Geräte gesammelt.

    Bitte überprüft, ob man Anhand eures Beitrags den Fehler komplett nachvollziehen kann!

    Folgende Infos brauchen wir immer:

    • welches Gerät verwendet ihr ???
    • welche deutsche MIUI ROM oder andere Android ROM war vorher installiert ???
    • habt ihr vor oder nach der Installation einen Full Wipe (inkl. Cache Wipe) in eurem Recovery gemacht ???

    MIUI6 - Changelog 5.7.23

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    Aktualisierte Geräte : Mi2 | Mi3 | Mi4 | Mi4i | Mi Note | Mi Pad | Redmi Note 1S-64Bit | Redmi Note 4G LTE | Redmi Note 3G | Redmi 1| Redmi 1S | Redmi2 | Redmi2 LTE

    MIUI ROM 5.7.23 Changelog

    Optimization - Optimized dial pad to work more smoothly (07-21)
    Optimization - Optimized launching speed of dialing page (07-21)

    Optimization - Optimized report fraudulent messages prompt page UI (07-20)
    Fix - Blocked messages were not marked as read in Messaging list after viewing them in Blocked SMS folder (07-20)
    Fix - Screen might flicker when Messaging app was opened (07-21)

    Optimization - Start page images launching speed (07-21)
    Optimization - Optimized smoothness of images lists page (07-21)
    Optimization - Reduced RAM usage when viewing images lists page (07-21)
    Optimization - Optimized interactive effects of People albums change name dialog box (07-21)
    Optimization - Enhanced Gallery launching speed (07-23)
    Fix - Sometimes, start page images were ordered incorrectly (07-21)
    Fix - Some cloud albums could not be synced to phone when switching Mi accounts (07-21)
    Fix - Slowness in finding projection devices (07-23)

    Optimization - Reduced RAM usage (07-21)
    Fix - Local playlists were unresponsive (07-21)

    New - Backup feature for Mi Pad (07-17)
    Optimization - Optimized Camera backup prompt text (07-17)
    Fix - Sometimes, local backup files could not be recognized on computer (07-17)

    Optimization - Optimized launching experience and overall performance (07-20)
    Fix - App store tab displayed incompletely in some devices and could slide (07-20)
    Fix - White screen error when launching App store in some situations (07-22)

    Optimization - In event editing page, renamed the second Reminder as Reminder 2 (07-21)

    [Data Usage]
    New - Support choosing from several amounts for lockscreen data usage warning (07-20)
    New - View connection speed details in 'Test network' (07-20)

    Fix - Sometimes, keyboard showed in start page incorrectly (07-22)

    New - Added Super Clean option in Settings - Manage shortcuts (07-21)

    - - - Super Clean Option - - -


    Information :

    Die Backup App unter MIUI6, ist jetzt unter "Einstellungen >>> Sichern & Zurücksetzen >>>Lokal Backups"

    Die Bugreport App ist unter "Einstellungen >>> Über das Telefon >>> Fehler melden"

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