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    Wobei 20 Stunden doch total okay sind.

    Ich habe meines heute 6 Uhr vom Netz genommen ... zur Arbeit und die ganze Zeit Musik gehört und um 12 Uhr kam die Meldung dass der Akku nur noch 15 % hat. ^^

    Das ist ja mal ein krasser Verbrauch. Wenn ich z.B. mal mit den öffentlichen ins Geschäft fahre habe ich noch 88 % wenn ich im Geschäft bin (Musik und paar Mails checken, Facebook etc)
    Aber Dein Verbrauch ist schon Hammer..Wobei der Musikplayer wohl sehr sehr durstig ist...

    Thx to MIUI ROM on Facebook

    Changelog of MIUI 1.10.14 in English

    Recommended updates this week:
    Added support for Incredible S officially
    Fix operating Experience of time wheel
    Fix support for Mms groups
    Fix lockscren using volume keys when power button is broken or faulty
    Added FM support for I9000 (Samsung Galaxy S)
    Upgraded HD2 kernel to R12.4

    Added FM support for I9000 (Samsung Galaxy S)
    Added FM support for Incredible S and Desire S
    Optimisation of gravity sensor switching between horizontal and vertical orientation
    Upgraded HD2 kernel to R12.4
    Optimized operating Experience of time wheel

    Fix in some cases phone is restarted after installing applications to SD card
    Fix touch screen problems after system reboot
    Fix charging touch sensor disorder problems
    Fixed error in some cases Wi-Fi connection cannot light screen
    Fix in some cases tactile feedback disappears
    Fix in some cases Wi-Fi connection is suddenly terminated
    Fix problem when changing default alarm tone does not apply correctly problems

    Fix after optimisation of call recording, notification sound does not work
    Optimisation of smaller memory model to improve opening speed of contacts in dialer
    Optimisation of delayed dial usage (extensions / operator recall)
    Fix HD2, call tone loud popping noise problem
    Fix disorder of incoming call ringtone in some cases
    Deleting call records in the record does not show MMI code

    Searching for a contact, fix problem where companies name does not match returned search data, Rebuild T9 index data to fix problem

    Added support for Mms groups
    Fix messaging pop-ups, recent task switch to SMS, SMS will cause repeated problems

    Lockscreen, status bar and notifications:
    Added support for unlocking the lockscreen after the rebound animation module
    Fix lockscreen screen rotation effect does not force the issue

    Optimisation of sensitivity when moving desktop icons between screens
    Fix in some cases the default clock widget cannot be skinned

    Support the process of opening new camera flash fill light
    Optimisation of flash unavailable in some modes, the flash icon cannot be clicked
    Optimisation to enhance night-mode shooting
    Optimisation of imaging sensor to increase sharpness
    Noise under low-light optimisation to improve recording quality
    Defy, fix video card problems

    Fix for Milestone and Defy playing video, screen becomes distorted

    Added support for lockscreen wake using volume rocker buttons when power button is broken or faulty
    Fix Wi-Fi connection sets up wrong channel / routing problem

    Fix in some cases the recordings list displays in the wrong order


    war vorhin kurz auf Facebook.

    also zum facebook voting bzgl. MIUI. 1. SGS2, 2. SG Ace, 3. SG Spica, 4. ZTE Blade, 5. Huwai U8800, 6. SG 5, 7. Xperia X10, 8. SG SL, 9. Xperia x9, 10. Sensation

    Kann jetzt dann auch geschlossen werden (Ironie) :-)

    Nur als Beispiel, mir ist gestern auch etwas passiert: Konnte keine Bilder mehr für desktop und Lockscreen setzen, da sofort die Meldung kam Prozess com.android.gallery wurde beendet, bla bla bla

    Onkel Google spuckte mir dann zwar was aus zur com.android.media, aber durch Löschen der Daten der Galerie lief dann wieder alles.
    Ich gebe hier jedem Recht der sagt: Das machen wir hier für Umme in unserer Freizeit und man sollte mal die Füsse still halten. Am liebsten sind mir die Fragesteller, die schon nach einer STunde eine Lösung haben wollen. Es gibt auch Leute die Arbeiten müssen.
    Na ja, habe fertig (kann geschlossen werden meiner Meinung nach) :-)

    Defy optimization to support WiFi hotspot
    Optimize low internal storage notification (sound alert)
    Milestone update - code optimization (optimize memory, new DSI patch to fix abnormal input issues, kernel and driver updates, etc.)
    Defy optimization to support call recording
    Optimize the operating system to make number wheel more efficient
    Optimize the i9000 kernel - voodoo Color Adjustment Interface support
    Repair i9000 lock screen, long press the home key for flashlight issues
    Defy fix power consumption issues during shutdown
    Defy models rare unlock issues fixed (multi-touch input default set to 2, change in settings > buttons)
    Defy models GPRS connection issues fixed
    Defy models factory reset issues fixed
    HD2 display color ribbon fixed
    Repair HD2 when answering phone while playing music, first tone will be a loud crack/pop
    Repair some issues of boot animation turning black and white

    New auto-recording function
    Optimize automatic answer (support for setting the delay time to answer)
    Optimized to increase the answer/hang up vibration settings
    Fix unable to remove slider after cancel is pressed
    Repair interface when calls do not leave off the proximity sensor (part of the solution cannot lead to a black screen during a call hang up problem)
    T9 repair some cases when the data does not match the search
    Repair some cases from the SMS / MMS cannot dial the phone number displayed

    Order to optimize contact polyphonic characters (need to press the menu key contact Go to Settings -> rebuild index data)

    [Lock screen, the status bar, notice board]
    New single-page notice board switches support customization (defined only the first 11 items, last default brightness, see the System Settings -> Personal -> notification bar switch)
    Add notification bar 2G-3G Switch
    New format string variable for custom lock-screen support
    Simple mode switch to optimize the notification bar, single-page mode uses the same resources, a unified style and easy to theme
    Optimize haptic feedback after shutting down the system, lockscreen previews will still vibrate
    Optimize animation for lockscreen disappearing after unlock

    Automatically organize new icon (shaking the phone in edit mode 3 times, the automatic sorting of the current screen)

    Optimize the local theme, theme lateral line, the application is consistent with other systems
    Fix issue of wrong Bluetooth icon when applying theme while connected to Bluetooth
    Fix theme downloads – issues of prompting for downloading themes that are already downloaded

    Optimization of high-definition video format to display information
    Optimization hardware damage when it detects the camera when prompted to exit the camera and not reported FC
    Repair exposure immediately restoring to default value after taking photo

    Fix inconsistent sorting of SD card files

    New SD card mode, no support for online music listening
    Optimized music style pop, unified look with system

    Fix FC issues when loading certain GIF files

    Added support for backup system update set (included in "System Settings")
    Added support for backup and restore the current theme
    Fix issue with sliding scroll bar quickly into middle of list

    [MIUI Weather]
    Optimization significantly improved performance and stability
    Fix location issues
    Repair CMWAP access problems

    [License Manager]
    New message added to read and write permissions management

    Added support for separate settings for different wireless connection agents
    SMS tone settings to optimize system settings moved to "Sound and Vibration," which, a uniform change for all ringtones
    Optimization only in the open "free to rotate the screen" when to open, "allowing 180 degree rotation" switch (see System Settings -> Personal -> Display)
    Delete Moto models "Connecting to PC" entry, so the content is empty (see System Settings -> System)

    Also ich meine Samsung ist immer sehr schleppend gewesen was Updates betrifft. Gingmir damals mit meinem Omnia 2 auch so. Da musste man immer Custom ROMS flashen um auf den neuesten Stand zu sein.
    Evtl. hat ja eine folgende MIUI Version schon GB 2.3.6. Aber arg scharf darauf bin ich jetzt auch nicht, da man wie Kitty schon beschrieben hat, mehr mit Schliessung von Sicherheitslücken, etc rechnen kann.