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    The is the patchrom build of MIUI v4 (ICS) 2.6.29 for the HTC Desire. It is based on:
    Sandvold's ICS 0.8.1 ROM (Android 4.0.4) as a base (thanks to Sandvold)
    Aroma/MIUI-Au installer (thanks to Amarullz and Lennox)
    patchrom MIUI v4 2.6.29

    NOTE: At the moment it looks like it is only stable on STOCK HBOOT. I got a report that it also works on Sense HBoot. Please report if there are issues on Data++/CM7.


    [Blocked Image: https://lh5.googleusercontent.…GP0/s576/screenshot01.png][Blocked Image: https://lh5.googleusercontent.…Eh0/s576/screenshot05.png]
    [Blocked Image: https://lh3.googleusercontent.…vSg/s576/screenshot07.png][Blocked Image: https://lh4.googleusercontent.…L94/s576/screenshot09.png]
    [Blocked Image: https://lh4.googleusercontent.…zxk/s576/screenshot13.png][Blocked Image: https://lh6.googleusercontent.…K-o/s576/screenshot15.png]

    CHANGELOG (since 2.6.22)
    Included all the patches from 2.6.29
    Alarm not ringing when screen locked fixed
    Removed the automatic SD-card format selection (does not work!)
    Changed installer by making "SD-EXT File System" selection a seperate screen.
    Changed installer by including a screen with a note about the "SD-Ext File System" screen when the installer is started the first time

    CHANGELOG (since 2.6.15)
    Included all the patches from 2.6.22
    Antispam language issues fixed by Xiaomi
    Fixed zipalign issue (
    Changed installer to select the correct filesystem format automatically
    Included fix to get DR Nyheder working
    Included the multilangual T9 dialer patch (thanks Roenano and Lennox)

    CHANGELOG (since 2.6.8)
    Included all the patches from 2.6.15
    Fixed Antispam FC
    Fixed missing Copy/Cut/Parse Menu in TextView
    Network Assistant - Traffic Ranking options are set/unset
    Added SuperMarket.apk to installer
    Included ad-hoc wifi bin from Sandvold Beta 0.13 (don't know if this works).
    Changed installer to make room for Data++ HBOOT

    CHANGELOG (since 2.6.1)
    Includes all the patches/features from 2.6.8
    Fixed installer problems
    Fixed language issues (default is now english everywhere)
    Included LED notifications (thanks p0w4p0ty for LedMeKnow, patched by Lennox)
    Removed "Report to MIUI" and "SYSTEM UPDATES" (thanks Lennox)

    CHANGELOG (sinse 2.5.18)
    Included all(?) the miui patches
    Includes adhoc wifi
    Long press in text will show the magnifier glass (it is a bit slow, but works nicely)
    Maybe more

    CHANGELOG (since 2.5.11 - Sandvold 0.5.4)
    Updated to the 0.8.1 Base
    Fixed the market download problem
    Includes the Shaky kernel (selectable in installer) + new adreno libs

    CHANGELOG (since 2.5.11) :
    All MIUI changes and fixes from 2.5.18
    Includes the new tobby_d kernel from sandvold 0.8
    Camera apk and lib from sandvold 0.8

    CHANGELOG (since 2.4.27) :
    All MIUI changes and fixes from 2.5.4 and 2.5.11
    Includes the tiamat and tobby_d kernels
    Fixes in the installer to get it working on data++ and cm7 hboots (thanks Lennox)
    Drewis's dhcpcd option in installer
    aGPS option in installer
    AOPK dictionary install option in installer
    Camera library from 0.7 (Panorama and barcode scanner are working)
    Removed Maps.apk to make room on data++ and cm7 hboots. Please download from google play if you want it (read below!).

    USB Tethering
    OTA updates (use GooManager for this)
    Instability/Random reboots sometimes (but not a lot ) (especially after playing music)
    MIUI Music Player has sometimes a random noise for a split second (looks like a MIUI player problem)
    (looks like select smartassv2 as governor solves this)
    Looks like Adhoc wifi is not working
    Probably more

    the same as MIUI Au:
    Requires an ext3/4 partition to be the second partition on your SD Card.
    Will install on Stock HBOOT without problems. On Data++ and cm7 HBOOT, there are issues. I am looking into it.
    Only stock HBOOT, Data++ and Sense can perform data wipe without rom reinstallation, due to system files needing to be moved for other HBOOT's.

    Make sure you have an ext3/4 partition setup as the second partition on your sd card, otherwise you will have very little memory to use as data2ext won’t work.
    If you restore apps or data using Titanium or MIUI Backup, there may be problems due to changes from GB to ICS. If you do have any, restore apps one by one to find the culprit.

    To get the ROM installed on data++ and cm7 hboots, some things are restructured. One of the things done is the removal of Maps.apk from the ROM. You can download it again from Google play. Hopefully this will solve the issues on data++ and cm7 hboots.
    NOTE: 2012-05-15: The download from Google Play does not work (for everybody ?). If you have problems with installing it from Google Play, use the fix from Install it thru recovery, just like the ROM. It is a small script which installs Maps.apk in /system/app. Sorry for the inconvinience.
    NOTE: 2012-05-16: I figured out the issue with downloading Google Maps from the market. I must apologize to everyone how has trouble with Google Maps. It is not installable from the Market and it cannot be updated. Reason is that I f*cked up really good. I thought it was a good(!) idea to include Maps, but then I included a modded version .
    SOLUTION: To fix the problem, you'll need to make a backup from the system+data with titanium backup. Make sure to backup everything (and make a NAND backup just be be sure). Do a complete wipe(!) and install the 2.5.11 (without the maps). Reboot and re-install titanium backup and Maps from the market. Then restore everything back to the phone. Because Maps is already installed, titanium will not try to install the modded version. After the restore, reboot again and Maps should be the market version.

    NOTE FOR 2.6.29
    I removed the automatic selection of the SD-card second partition format. It did not work as intended (and I don't think it will ever work). I changed the installer, so that it is more clear that the format needs to be set by hand. Because the structure of the option file changed, you'll need to set it again this time. After that it will remember the setting.

    NOTE FOR 2.6.1
    This version is the first version which has all the xiaomi patches. It could make a ROM a bit more unstable (when I messed up a patch), but after a few days, it looks rather stable. Please report strange behaviour and use it with care and make a nand backup before installing!

    Secondly, I switched from mediafire to You can download the ROM thru their app GooManager. Select the option "Browse compatible ROMs' and you will find the ROM.

    NOTE FOR 2.5.18 (0.5.4 base)
    At the moment only the standard 2.5.18 is up. When I get the translations for this version I will upload the other build.

    NOTE FOR 2.5.11
    One other thing I am working on, is the inclusion of translations. I included Danish (thanks Dan) and German (thanks MIUI-De/Andy25). This is a work in progress. Only email is giving some trouble and is not yet translated. I made a build which included these languages. These two builds are for the rest identical. So you only need to download one or the other. Btw. I don't know if I will include all translations in one build in the future (which will add to the size of the ROM).

    Please note that it works for me, but understand this is a beta version, flash at your own risk. Make a NAND backup before installing, so when things go wrong, you can back to the previous version.

    If you experience any serious problems, do a full wipe/factory reset then flash again.

    Marange - Patchrom build
    Marange - Smali patches
    Marange - Installer tweaks
    Lennox - Installer
    Lennox - init.d scripts
    Lennox - Smali patches
    Lennox - LedMeKnow permission fix on ICS
    Lennox - LedMeKnow modding/themeing
    Dan - Language fixes
    Dan - Testing
    Katte - Help with installer problems
    cmajetic - Help with installer problems
    danw1million - Help with installer problems
    htcmagicandroid - Help with installer problems / Testing
    Tiamat - Kernel
    Tobby_d - Kernel
    Shaky156 - Kernel
    p0w4p0ty - LedMeKnow (
    Roenano - Multilingual T9 Dialer patch

    And a big thank you to all the language pack authors!

    DOWNLOAD 2.6.29:
    - Using mediafire:

    DOWNLOAD 2.6.22:
    - Thru GooManager (download from Google play)
    - Use the link:
    - Using mediafire:
    - or use QR code:

    Danish (Thanks to 1982Strand)
    Dutch (Thanks to l0minus):
    German (Thanks to Ph87)
    Italian (Thanks to MIUI Italia):
    Portuguese (Thanks to Miui Portugal)

    DOWNLOAD 2.6.15:
    - Thru GooManager (download from Google play)
    - Use the link:
    - Using Mediafire:
    - or use QR code:

    Dutch (Thanks to l0minus):
    French (Thanks to Ninho):
    German (Thanks to Ph87)
    Italian (Thanks to MIUI Italia):
    Portuguese (Thanks to Miui Portugal)

    DOWNLOAD 2.6.8:
    - Thru GooManager (download from Google play)
    - Use the link:
    - Using Mediafire:
    - or use QR code:

    Dutch (Thanks to l0minus):
    Italian (Thanks to MIUI Italia):

    DOWNLOAD 2.6.1:
    - Thru GooManager (download from Google play)
    - Use the link:
    - or use QR code:

    Danish (Thanks to 1982Strand), German (Thanks to Andy25, Midian666 and rest of
    Italian (Thanks to MIUI Italia):
    Dutch (Thanks to l0minus):

    DOWNLOAD 2.5.18 (0.8.1 base):

    DOWNLOAD 2.5.18 (0.5.4 base): [OPEN AGAIN] Uploaded by Bel57 Thanks!

    LANGUAGE PACKS 2.5.18:
    Danish (thanks to 1982Strand):
    French (thanks to Ninho and Juju):
    * [MIRROR FOR 0.8.1 BASE]
    * [MIRROR FOR 0.5.4 BASE]
    Italian (created by MIUI Italia):
    * [FOR 0.5.4 BASE]
    Polish (thanks to Acid):



    (Install it thru recovery, just like you installed the ROM. It is a small script which installs Maps.apk in /system/app)

    DOWNLOAD 2.4.27 FROM:

    If you like what we are doing, a amazon gift card would be nice or click on the 'donate to me' button.


    Ich habe einige Fragen zur Stable 2.3.4a:

    hat jmd. die Stable am laufen? Gut?
    Lohnt es sich, wenn man Wert drauf legt, dass das Phone zuverlässig funktioniert?
    Gibt es schon deutsche Sprachpakete?
    Welche Version steckt hinter der Stable?


    ach dann hab nich nur ich Abstürze ^^... sind das eigentlich cMIUI -Fehler oder MIUI-Fehler? Und was ist eigentlich der Grund für den Kernel-Wechsel? Ich teste jetzt auf jeden Fall mal MIUI XJ. greeets


    ich kann seit ich cMIUI drauf hab (1.5.6; vorher Stock MIUI + Language Pack) leider keine Zertifikate mehr installieren (Einstellungen --> Persönlich --> Datenschutz --> Von SD-Karte installieren). Benutze die selben Zertifikate wie zuvor, nur dass sie jetzt nicht mehr gefunden werden ("Auf dem USB-Speicher wurde keine Zertifikats-Datei gefunden"). Das ist sehr ärgerlich, da ich jetzt nicht mehr ins W-Lan der Uni komme. Hat noch jmd. das Problem, oder hat gar jmd. eine Lösung dafür?


    hmm die oben genannte Methode mit chachsd speichert ja die apps auch (wenigstens zum Teil) auf der SD-Karte. Was ist denn der Unterschied zwischen der Methode oben und einem Data2Whatever-Rom?


    ich bin bisher immer mit der Methode:

    a2sd check
    a2sd zipalign
    a2sd cachesd

    ganz gut zurecht gekommen. Aber mit den neusten Versionen von Miui komm ich doch arg schnell an die Grenze. Belegt Miui inzwischen vielleicht mehr Platz? Bei älteren Versionen hatte ich deutlich mehr Apps installiert.

    Meine eigentliche Frage:
    Gibt es noch weitere/bessere Möglichkeiten den Telefonspeicher zu entlasten?

    Daten: HTC Desire; Class 6 8GB SD Karte; MIUI chinese deodexed + Language Packs