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A million Mi3

Eine Millionen Mi3

A million Mi3 ! So many Mi3 devices will go into production next month. It is to be 99% still act in smartphones with Tegra4 version. At the last sale on the action were 22. October 300.000 Xiaomi Smartphone Geräte (100.000 Mi3 + 100.000 Mi2S + 100.000 Hongmi) sold 20.000 MiBoxes, as well as 2000 Mitv in below 30 Minutes. The smartphones were after about. out of one and a half minutes. A small sales record has the Xiaomi so once again set up in China. This record also has very dragged into the servers from Xiaomi. Because at peak times (to accurately 12:00 Noon […]

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MI-One “Unboxing” and launch

There are some news from home Xiaomi. Since yesterday to Chinese fans and Miuimitglieder reduced grab a MI-One. A current online action allows, that MI-One to buy discounted online. Here are three following days (since 29.08.2011) at a stretch, 200 Mi-One device developers published in a pre-sale. The first 200 Pieces have already found their new owners and the next 200 in these minutes, where the blog entry is created , The first shipment was distributed again apparently also been compiled ,need so that the winner will have to wait too long by this action on your device. […]

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Mi One – Preorder

The press conference is over and everyone loved, of the visual display and presentation of the new One Wed. Many began after this conference, the days count down to the end of the month. Now the end of the month is also the first distributors to register now, One of the Mi from China. Phone Xiaomi Mione (M1) MIUI OS 1.5GHz Dual Core 4-inch Capacitive Touch (Pre-order) $319.00 Who postage and insurance are expected to, comes to about. 330$ !!! A really good price, will probably be not much less so in the future. Who wants to look at all the times closer, […]

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