20 Themes Xiaomi for MIUI 10 & 11

  • Source : https://c.mi.com/thread-2986622-1-0.html

    In this thread I get an article that shares many themes for all users of Xiaomi smartphones, especially those using MIUI 10 and 11 operating systems. This theme theme certainly has a very good design ranging from icon, navigation, system UI and from other aspects as well.

    The MIUI 11 operating system is also still relatively new. There are still many Xiaomi smartphones that have just got updates MIUI 11 with Android OS 10 and who already use it also says it is still less complete.

    There are many themes that I will share where there are a total of 20 themes. If you want to know what kind of theme here can see in the download themes xiaomi for miui 10 & 11.

    How to install:

    For MIUI 10/11 Stable users use this way.

    • First download MIUI Theme Editor & the theme file for Material Mix through the link above.
    • After that open the Miui Theme Editor app earlier.
    • Then find the file you downloaded.Mtz.
    • Click on Start Option and then settings next.
    • Then click Finish and there will be a message install the Theme, click Apply and the theme will be automatically installed.

    For those who use MIUI.eu, MIUIPro or MIUI Custom ROMS use this way.

    • Open the Theme Store app.
    • After that click Profile.
    • Then click Theme and click Import.
    • Find the file that you downloaded.Mtz.
    • Then there will be the theme information and click on Apply or install.
    • The theme will be automatically installed next.