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    Aha, ich hatte da gar nix verändert gehabt. Danke für die Info!!!! Habe da noch ne Frage am WE habe ich die vince_global_images_8.7.26_20180726.0000.00_8.1_global_d491b680b2.tgz geflasht. System neu gestartet und ich musste erstmal mein Wlan Schlüssel eingeben. Tastatur kam aber nicht. So habe ich wieder versucht die vince_global_images_V9.2.6.0.NEGMIEK_20180122.0000.00_7.1_global_7410dfd97a.tgz zu flashen. Da kam nach bar Sekunden failed (remote: partition flashing is not allowed). Weist du warum? Hat das auch was mit den Häckchen zu tun? LG Thomas

    Hallo Tino,

    danke für die schnelle Antwort. Ich mus aber trotzdem nachhaken, um mein Halbwissen auf zu rüsten. Wenn nix mehr ging bei mein Redmi 5+ habe ich via Fastboot die vince_global_images_V9.2.6.0.NEGMIEK_20180122.0000.00_7.1_global_7410dfd97a.tgz geflasht. Anschließend den Bootloader wieder entsperren müssen u.s.w. Deswegen hatte mich deine Antwort etwas verwirrt. LG

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    This is what happened to me - Constant bootloops to this screen - http://en.miui.com/thread-1607110-1-1.html

    I thought this was important to post with a decent guide for the non technical. I myself am not the brightest and technical person, but I perserviered and managed to recover my CHINA phone that was deep flashed with a global ROM.

    I am really annoyed with online vendors selling phones as "GLOBAL" versions only to find out they are boot locked china phones with 'fake' roms.

    So, my issue began with a 1 day old Redmi Plus 5, I checked the ROM version and it was the legitimate MIUI Global ROM recently announced. The following morning a new update came out which I happily applied... Consequentlymy phone became a brick and was stuck in MiRecovery 3.0 boot loop. I could not apply a fastboot ROMbecause the bootloader was locked.

    All search of forums was that it is now a brick, or you have to unlock the loader. You cannot unlock the loader without the phone working.

    So I have now managed to recover my phone... Here is how I did it:

    Step 1:

    Turn your phone off. Hold down the VOLUME UP + VOLUME DOWN + Power Button... wait for about 20 -30 seconds... it will finally power off.

    Step 2:

    You do need to open your phones back. REMOVE THE SIM TRAY FIRST. Follow this YOUTUBE guide:
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    If you do not have a hard piece of plastic to leaver the back... try a craft stick? piece of wood? something soft, not metal - youll scratch it for sure... it takes a fair bit of force to rip this thing off... but it will come off with persistance... there are no screws to stress about.

    Step 3:

    DOWNLOAD THE CHINA ROM. http://en.miui.com/thread-1630804-1-1.html

    Get the fastboot ROM.

    This is the only ROM that worked for me. After it is installed, you can go through the steps of requesting a bootloader unlock via - http://en.miui.com/unlock/

    I won't write up a guide on this... but after you recover your device, search the forums for help - I am currently stuck on the 360 Hours stage... :(

    Step 4:

    You'll obviously need to download the MiFlash Tool - http://api.en.miui.com/url/MiFlashTool

    Install this (.NET 3.5 required)

    Step 5:

    Extract that Fastboot china ROM that was 2GB... use someting like 7Zip http://www.7-zip.org/a/7z1801-x64.exe

    Install this, right click on the 2GB file and 7Zip, Extract All...

    It will extract a 3-4GB folder with a whole bunch of files... thats what you use your MiFlash tool for...

    Step 6:


    Open MiFlash tool, SELECT button... navigate to the folder you just extracted...

    Now, connect your phone to the computer via USB... make sure if the phone starts to shut it back down.

    Step 7:

    Yes, there are people on the forums who have told you that the only way to recover this thing is with the TESTPOINT METHOD... There are people posting saying this does not work... It is true, it did not work initially for me... but i kept trying because there appeared to be no other way... It eventually worked... let me explain how I did this....

    The first post on this page shows you where the testpoint pins are for REDMI 5, and PLUS - http://en.miui.com/thread-1567594-1-1.html

    I obviously use the redmi 5 plus testpoint.

    So i tried a paper clip... it didnt seem to conduct a signal terribly well... so i used TWEEZERS.

    This is the tricky part... HOLD these two 'pins' connected via the tweezers while powering on the device with VOLUME DOWN button and POWER BUTTON held in... this is what starts the FASTBOOT mode... easier to do with two people

    Whilst still holding the tweezers on the contact points, CLICK REFRESH on MiFlash tool... then FLASH BUTTON

    Step 8?

    Success???I might add... I got success... the flash finished... but my screen went black... and holding the power button didn't seem to turn it back on... I think I replugged the USB and power button to bring it back on? I mucked around with it, the phone eventually turned back on - I cannot recall my exact steps on this part because my mind was freaking out that I had actually officially killed the device... but no, it did work... somehting to do with usb in and out and power button.

    I hope this works for you... if not, I am so sorry... but it has worked for me and I am now in the process of unlocking the phone officially via xiaomi - http://en.miui.com/unlock/

    After the unlock I am expecting I can fastboot back to Global ROM.

    All the best peoples...

    Hi, mal ne blöde Frage, wozu den Bootloader entsperren? Geht das nicht mit gesperrten? LG

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    So ein ähnlichen Scheiß hatte ich vorgestern mit mein Redmi 5+. Hatte die letze Stock drauf. Wollte eine Custom-ROM drauf bügeln. Habe aber leider mit TWRP kein Werksreset gemacht sondern nur die 4 Sachen gewipt. Vorher habe ich aber noch sicherheitshalber ein Backup gemacht.
    So, Custom-ROM inst. System neugestartet. Ging schief. Ok. Twrp blieb also Wiederherstellung und Neustart. Ja Pusteblume Irgendeine Fehlermeldung die ich noch nie gesehen habe. Okay mein Plan war mit Mi flash tool zu flashen. Hat ja bis jetzt immer geholfen. Ja denkste, nach paar Sekunden Error. Na Super dachte ich. Also Fehlermeldung gegoogelt. Irgend ne chin. Miui Rom mir runter geladen. Bin aber noch in die Stock Recovery gegangen und dort Wipe Data usw. System neu gestartet (ohne Glauben). Und siehe da. Es startete Miui 10 (26). Mit der option. Erstmal Wlan aktivieren. Dachte na super da kommt natürlich die Tastatur nicht. Aber ne die kam. Also Schlüssel eingegeben. Dann PW von mein Account. Und alles war gut.? Aber kappieren tu ich das nicht!??

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